3 Most Annoying Reactions to Allergies

Allergies cause many people to change the way they have to live, simply to not get sick. Eating, breathing, sleeping, and everyday life can be affected by having allergies. The worst case scenario for anyone with allergies is to have an allergy attack. Eating the wrong food, using the wrong products, wearing the wrong clothes, and even touching the wrong items lying around your house can cause an allergy attack.

An allergy attack can start with a simple rash and end up with being hospitalized for having parts of your body swollen. Many factors are involved in how severe the effects of an allergy attack are, such as: amount of exposure to what you are allergic to, what type of contact your came in with the thing you are allergic to, and how sensitive your body is to that specific allergy. Some allergy attacks do end up with lethal outcomes; however, many allergy attacks are more like allergy reactions, having smaller, more annoying reactions to the allergy.

The 3 most annoying signs of allergies and allergy attacks are swollen body parts, a rash, and tight lungs.

Whenever you get a swollen body part, like a finger, lip, toe, or eye, you’re probably thinking you either have an infection, or you came in contact with something you were allergic to. If you don’t have a cut or a broken bone, it is hard to get an infection. The only other possibility is allergies.

Swollen body parts are one of the most annoying allergy reactions because of the minor pain, the length of the reaction, and the sensitivity they feel, once swollen. There is some pain when one of your body parts swells up. Whether it is from the skin stretching or the burning of the allergic reaction, the minor pain and swelling can last from a couple hours, to a couple days. The swollen body part may even affect your work performance and your daily lifestyle habits for a couple of days, which is why it is one of the most annoying reactions to allergies.

The second most annoying reaction is a rash. Having a rash from an allergic reaction can cause very irritating burning and pain, along with the possibility of blistering. A rash will begin in the area where the skin came in contact with the item you were allergic to, however, it can and will spread, if proper care is not taken with the initial signs of the rash.

Tight lungs are the third and final most annoying allergy reaction simply because it is the most painful and life threatening. Tight lungs are caused by eating or breathing in something you were allergic to, and it was then absorbed into your system. You will have a tough time trying to breath and it could swell up your entire throat, making it feel as if someone was choking you.

There are shots, creams, and pills to help with all of these reactions; however, swollen body parts, having a rash, and having your lungs tighten are still the 3 most annoying allergic reactions.

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