Manufacturer: Pfizer manufactures Accuretic.


The uses of Accuretic include:
Hypertension is characterised by abnormally high blood pressure.

ACE Inhibitors: It acts by inhibiting angiotensin converting enzyme. This prevents the conversion of angiotensin I to Angiotensin II. It is effective in all types of hypertension.

Diuretics potentiate the effect of Quinapril.

Hypertension leads to serous problems includes stroke, heart disease and kidney failure.

Blood pressure needs to check on regular basis.

Accuretic is combination of ACE inhibitor Quinapril and Diuretic Hydrochlorothiazide.

Accuretic is used to lower high blood pressure.

Accuretic widens blood vessels and reduces pressure is blood vessels. It helps heart to pump blood throughout the body. It helps kidneys to pass more water, salt and retains potassium.

Dosage: Admin before food preferably.

For most patients, the usual starting dose of ACCURETIC is 10/12.5 mg a day. The dose may need to be increased to one ACCURETIC 20/12.5 tablet a day, then two ACCURETIC 10/12.5 tablets a day if necessary. Most patients take between 10/12.5 to 20/12.5 mg daily. Each dose may be taken once a day.