Manufacturer: AFT Pharmaceuticals manufactures Cromolux Eye Drop 2%.


The uses of Cromolux Eye Drop 2% include:
This medicine contains the active ingredient sodium cromoglicate (previously spelt cromoglycate in the UK), which is a type of medicine used to relieve the symptoms of allergies. Sodium cromoglicate eye drops are used to relieve the symptoms of eye allergies such as hayfever.

Sodium cromoglicate works by reducing allergic responses. It is not fully understood how it does this, but it is thought to work by 'stabilising' immune cells called mast cells. Mast cells are an important part of the immune system. They become sensitised when they are exposed to foreign particles or allergens, for example pollen or dust mites. When this happens, the mast cells release substances that include histamine, and these subsequently go on to cause inflammation as part of the bodyís immune response to fight the foreign substance. Inflammation of the eye causes the typical symptoms of an eye allergy - redness, itching and a watery discharge.

By stabilising the mast cells, sodium cromoglicate is thought to prevent the substances that cause the inflammation, eg histamine, from being released when the cells encounter an allergen. This prevents the allergic response and relieves the symptoms of the allergy.

Sodium cromoglicate eye drops are used to reduce the symptoms of eye allergies (allergic conjunctivitis) such as hayfever. They provide relief from red, itchy, watery and puffy eyes, and work best when they are used regularly to prevent the allergy, even when you don't have symptoms.

What is it used for?

Allergic conjunctivitis