Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson manufactures Daktarin.


The uses of Daktarin include:
DAKTARIN Cream is a medicineused for treating athlete's foot, tinea,ringworm and thrush infections ofthe skin caused by fungi, including yeast.

Do not use DAKTARIN Cream

ifyou know you are allergic to:* miconazole or any of theingredients (see the last section ofthis leaflet for a full list ofingredients)* similar antifungal agents such as ketoconazole.

Do not use DAKTARIN Cream if:

* you are pregnant orbreastfeeding, unless your doctorhas advised you to

* the packaging is torn or showssigns of being tampered with

* the expiry date (month and year)printed on the pack has passed. Ifyou take it after the expiry date itmay not work