Manufacturer: Pacific Pharmaceuticals manufactures Dothiepin.


The uses of Dothiepin include:

Depression of any aetiology and the anxiety frequently associated with depressive illness.

Dosage and Administration:


75mg daily in divided doses or as a single dose at night increasing to 150mg daily. In certain circumstances, e.g. in hospital use, dosages up to 225mg daily have been used.


50-75mg daily initially. Half the normal adult dose may be sufficient to produce a satisfactory clinical response.

Adolescent Depression

Not recommended for use in adolescent patients 13-18 years of age for the treatment of depression, unless under the supervision of a specialist.

Instructions to Patients

The main dose may be taken at night as it may produce drowsiness. Ability to drive or operate machinery may be impaired. Do not abruptly discontinue the medicine. Warn patient about OTC preparations containing sympathomimetic medicines particularly patent cold remedies, cough syrups and weight reducing tablets.