Manufacturer: ASTRA ZENECA manufactures Emla Patch - Lidocaine/Lignocaine/Prilocaine.


The uses of Emla Patch - Lidocaine/Lignocaine/Prilocaine include:
EMLA Cream and EMLA Patch

Topical anaesthesia of the skin prior to insertion of

i.v. catheters, blood sampling, vaccination; superficial surgical procedures, including split skin grafting.

EMLA Cream

Topical anaesthesia of leg ulcers to facilitate mechanical cleansing or debridement.

Topical anaesthesia of genital skin prior to superficial surgical procedures or infiltration anaesthesia.

Topical anaesthesia of the skin prior to minor superficial cosmetic procedures.

EMLA patch 5%:

patches containing 1 g of EMLA emulsion in packs of 2 or 20.