Manufacturer: Sanofi Aventis - France manufactures Solupred ORO - Prednisolone.


The uses of Solupred ORO - Prednisolone include:
Treats inflammation (swelling), allergies, arthritis, asthma, skin conditions, kidney problems, and many other medical problems. Also treats flare-ups of ongoing illnesses such as multiple sclerosis. May be used for some symptoms of cancer.

Dosage, mode and / or route ( s) of administration , frequency of administration and duration of treatment



SOLUPRED 20 mg is suitable for attack treatment or short-term treatment requiring medium to high doses in adults and children over 10 kg .

The dose used is determined by your doctor , depending on your weight and the disease being treated .

It is strictly individual .

It is very important to regularly monitor the treatment and not to alter or stop suddenly without consulting your doctor.

Method of administration


The orodispersible tablet is a tablet that disintegrates rapidly in the mouth with saliva. Put the orodispersible tablet in the mouth , let it melt , swallow and drink a glass of water.

In children less than 6 years , the tablet may be disintegrated beforehand in a little water, then swallowed .

Do not chew the tablet to avoid the risk of bitterness.

Duration of treatment

It is determined by your doctor.

In case of prolonged , do not stop treatment abruptly but follow your doctor's recommendations for dose reduction treatment.