Manufacturer: Sanofi Aventis manufactures Vallergan Forte Syrup.


The uses of Vallergan Forte Syrup include:

Vallergan Forte is used in:

Urticaria and pruritus.

Premedication for anaesthesia.

Dosage and Administration

Vallergan Forte is not recommended for infants less than two years of age.

Urticaria and Pruritus


10 mg two or three times daily. Up to 100 mg per day has been used in intractable cases.


Dosage should be reduced to 10 mg once or twice daily.


2.5 to 5 mg three or four times daily.

Pre-anaesthetic Medication

Children (2 to 7 years of age)

The maximum dosage of Vallergan Forte syrup recommended for this indication is 2 mg/kg bodyweight.